Form 1095-A (Health Insurance Marketplace Statement)


If you, your spouse and/or your eligible dependents* were enrolled in health insurance through the Marketplace or a State Exchange at any time during year 2017, you will be receiving a 2017 Form 1095-A. You may receive more than one Form 1095-A. This form will be REQUIRED to prepare your 2017 federal income tax return if you received premium assistance through advance credit payments to your health insurance company and/or want to claim the Premium Tax Credit. This form provides important information that is necessary to calculate your ACTUAL Premium Tax Credit (PTC), if any. The Marketplace has until January 31, 2018 to mail the form(s). You may also be able to download your Form(s) 1095 as a PDF by logging into your online Marketplace account and clicking on "MESSAGES."

*If you are divorced or separated and claiming a child on your tax return as a dependent, but the other parent obtained health insurance for the child through the Marketplace, then you will need to obtain a copy of the Form 1095-A from the other parent if the Form 1095-A is not mailed separately to the child. This form will be REQUIRED to prepare your federal income tax return!

If your household income and/or household size has changed based on information you previously reported to the Marketplace, you may be able to claim a refundable premium tax credit OR you may have to pay back some or all of the advance premium tax credit you have received when you file your 2017 federal income tax return. For more information on the Premium Tax Credit, click here.


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